Council and Ministries

Parish Council
The Parish Council is an advisory group appointed by the pastor. It includes representatives of major organizations in the Parish as well as the trustees, who are financial officers. Our members: Father Christopher Panlilio Pastor; Tim Calligy, President; Peg Fallon, Secretary; Joyce Feola, Trustee; Angelo Valente, Trustee; Julius Binetti; Mary Carol Caiezza; Eileen Carvalho; Catherine Ferrera; Dan Gowan; Lenny Luizzi, Theresa Howard; Rosemary Manning; Aiessa Moyna; Anthony Pasquale; Pam Layson, Giovanni Pepe, Pat Pope, Robert Johansen, Claire Korbas, Tisa Mould, Terrence Richardson, Jen Darlington.

The following Ministries have been established to provide for the development of the Parish in both spiritual and temporal areas. All Ministries welcome volunteers who have an interest or talent in the field. Persons interested in volunteer work may call the Rectory at 201-659-1772 or please email us.

Worship and Word Ministry
This Ministry touches the spiritual lives of parishioners through service to the sick, assisting in the liturgy by proclaiming the word or distributing Communion, and through prayer in song. These roles are the most sacred for the laity.

Volunteers may apply for positions as ushers, altar servers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, and leaders of the song. There is also a need for coordinators who would handle the planning for special Masses, including those for healing the sick, for police and firefighters, for school children, and for other special observances. Committee representative: Rosemary Manning. 

Community Ministry
The Community Ministry works to provide every parishioner with the sense that they belong to a family of faith, a family that provides fellowship, support, and friendship. This Ministry fosters community spirit by coordinating parish celebrations and providing communication through the parish calendar and website.

Volunteers are needed in the area of graphic arts, photography, writing, editing, and event planning. Committee representative: Theresa Howard.

Life Ministry
The Life Ministry strengthens the faith life of the Parish through work in religious education for children and adults, and in preparing parishioners to receive the sacraments. Rooted in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Scripture, the Ministry provides instruction through established Parish programs and also provides for the enrichment of faith through Bible study, retreats and lectures.

Among the programs are Baptism orientation for new parents and Godparents; Marriage preparations for couples, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) classes for elementary school students, Youth Ministry for middle school and high school students, and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), which provides religious instruction for adults.

Volunteers are needed to as teachers and assistants in religious education classes for children and teens, as sponsors for RCIA candidates, as mentor couples for engaged couples, and as event planners for retreats and other events. Committee representative: Aiessa Moyna. 

Stewardship Ministry
The calling as Christian Stewards to serve St. Francis Parish and the greater community by giving time, talent and treasure to those in need is the focus of this Ministry. Following the example of St. Francis, the Parish has always been known for its service to the poor and continues today with a very active food pantry, the distribution of sandwiches at lunchtime, and work at the Hoboken Shelter. In addition, the Ministry also serves the homebound and those in nursing homes through personal visits.

Volunteers may donate food to the food pantry, assist in maintaining the pantry and making sandwiches, helping to prepare or serve a meal at the Hoboken Shelter, or making visits to homes or nursing homes. Committee representative: Peg Fallon. 

Temporalities Ministry
This Ministry is responsible for the overall maintenance of the Church and Parish buildings and parking lots. Improvements to the physical plant and the funding of such projects are also part of their work, which is coordinated with fundraising activities. In addition, members of this Ministry are also involved in the preparation and decoration of the Church for Christmas and Easter.

Volunteers with skills in carpentry, plumbing, decorating, painting or other trades are needed as are people who would help by cleaning and decorating the Church for major holidays. Assistance is also needed in the organization of fundraising activities. Committee representative: Anthony Pasquale.